Straddling bus

After serving as nothing but a giant roadblock for months, china's futuristic elevated bus and its tracks are being removed. The internet loves the transit elevated bus (teb), an innovative new method of transportation planned to launch in china the futuristic vehicle straddles lanes of. Last week, an incredible road-straddling bus that allows two lanes of cars to pass beneath it made its debut in china, but it may not be quite as impressive as it. The so-called straddling bus was held up as a solution china finally built an elevated bus that straddles traffic and it's totally bizarre. Take a look at this amazing public transport solution - it's a bus network that drives over the top of the cars on a slightly modified road, able to stop without. China's futuristic elevated road-straddling bus is just an elaborate scam, says state media new reports claim teb is a ponzi scheme run by a 'shady company.

It may look like something from the future, but china's long-awaited straddling bus ran its inaugural test in hebei province this week the 2m-high. A chinese company has developed a vehicle that can carry up to 1,200 passengers, takes up no road space and is partially solar-powered. What do you do when the roads are crowded with cars if you're china, you build buses that can just drive over them beijing company transit explore bus is preparing. Well blow us down: those scrappy engineers did it they built that crazy straddling bus a chinese company announced three months ago, and damned if it doesn't work. It seems that china's innovative straddling bus project just won't give up easily, although previous questions and controversies have impeded its launch.

These odd-looking vehicles are known as straddling buses they're essentially oversized trains that have been hollowed out to allow cars to pass through — sort of. China's transit elevated bus (teb) went through a road test in north china's hebei province on tuesday the passenger compartment rises far above other.

To meet all of the urban mobility challenges in china, youzhou song developed the 3d express coach, nicknamed the “straddling bus. China is giving its public transportation a makeover transit explore bus, a beijing-based company, wants to install straddling buses on city highways in.

Straddling bus

A boom in car sales has caused traffic mayhem in many of china's major cities one company wants to improve the situation — by putting even more people on the road. Remember that odd-looking straddling bus that we covered a few months ago the lane-straddling monstrosity might soon be headed to the us developed by shenzhen.

  • Overhead power lines, bridges and box trucks beware: the giant, lane-straddling bus chinese engineers hope will someday conquer that country’s legendary traffic by.
  • Imagine one day you driving on road, then one huge moving tunnel flying overhead, carring with hundreds of people, you may think it is dream, but it is.
  • First dreamed up in 1969, the bus may help chinese cities ease traffic and curb air pollution.

A public transport design has elevated buses straddle the road so cars can continue underneath the concept appears to have been abandoned. Last year, the internet briefly caught fire when pictures of a weird, elevated bus that glides above traffic began circulating around the so-called. India news: the trial run of world's first transit elevated bus (teb) or straddling bus, which plies above the road and allows cars to move beneath it, has caug. A recent report from chinese news outlet the paper says that a radical “straddling bus” that promised to solve china’s mounting urban traffic problem has hit a. They built it they actually built it after years of waiting, what was once a crazy dream has apparently become reality as china's infamous straddling. A futuristic traffic-straddling bus was road-tested in china to great fanfare, but serious questions have been raised about the future of the project. The transit elevated bus (teb) giving it the alternative names such as straddling bus, straddle bus, land airbus, or tunnel bus by international media.

Straddling bus
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